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Fitness Classes

I am a certified Insanity instructor and will be offering 30 and 50-minute Insanity classes in Edinburgh South in the very near future. Watch this space.

INSANITY is the most explosive and most effective workout programme ever put together. Fitness expert Shaun T drew on his collegiate track-and-field training plus his experience as an elite trainer to create a revolutionary fitness programme that takes total-body conditioning to an extreme level.

What makes INSANITY so effective?

Unlike traditional, old-school workouts that feature short bursts of maximum intensity with longer periods of rest, INSANITY flips that formula upside-down.
INSANITY uses MAX Interval Training, which replaces traditional moderate-intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise, and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest.
Adding high-intensity exercise forces the body to use fast-twitch muscle fibres not normally engaged in cardio exercise. These fast-twitch fibres continue burning fuel even during lower-intensity exercise.

The secret? Long periods of explosive intensity.

INSANITY’s high-intensity activity forces the body to work for longer periods of time at a higher capacity than traditional workouts. As a result, people experience faster increases in cardiovascular fitness, and burn carbohydrates and fat more efficiently—as much as 1,000 calories per hour!
That incredible fat burn and the amazing total-body transformation INSANITY produces has made it one of the most popular extreme fitness programmes of all time.

These classes are NOT easy but they are manageable and I will be coaching you through the programmes until you are strong enough to do the full show. Remember if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.

You have no idea how strong you are until you try, give yourself a chance and surprise yourself. Get ready to transform your body – you are worth it.

Winners aren’t people who never fail; winners are people who never quit.

See you in class.


Class Times

Venue: Morningside Parish Church (New Hall, Braid Road entrance)

Date: Monday mornings (starting 11th May)

Time: 9.30-10.30am

1 Session


10 Sessions


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